10 October 2016


It's reached a point in semester where everything is happening at once and you start to crumble inside and think "why in god's name did I come to uni why couldn't I have been accepted into Hogwarts someone plz help me".  Midnight trips home after slamming a 14 hour last-minute assessment session at uni have become the norm, fuelled only by Domino's pizza and copious amounts of energy drink. You'd have thought HSC would have prepared me for this. Apparently not.

On top of everything I've had thoughts of whether Design Computing is for me, considering a transfer to Law or Commerce (my original uni preferences). Sonia and I took an hour out this morning to look at ball dresses (the real problems tho) and I, deciding it's been far too long since I've taken my camera out (or posted on the blog...oops), thought I might go for a trip to the QVB on my way. 

Oh yeah, and just for the record, I loathe rhino3d. 

Told Sonia I'd meet her at Pitt Street Mall. Ditched the plan for photos from the Myer bridge.  

There's something I love about the tunnel leading to St. James Station. It somehow gives the generally sickening combination of yellow and green a quaint charm, and the symmetry that leads all the way down is RIDICULOUSLY pleasing to the eye.

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