18 July 2015


After 50 terms of schooling, I'm finally onto the last term. It's a terrifying, wonderful, and exhausting concept to have to deal with that's just the way the cookie crumbles. There's a lot that's going to happen in the next 6 months and it's all slightly overwhelming - I mean, I've got to pick a uni course, I have to face the big bad HSC (after I sit my trial exams - which are next week btw...haha...hahaha...) and by golly, I haven't even picked a formal dress! The struggle is real, my friends. 

But in all seriousness, there's a lot of pressure placed on people my age at this time of their life. Questions regarding your future such as "so what are you going to do after school?" and "what do you want to do at uni?" are thrown at you by every adult you come across. These questions demand answers as if every single little aspect of your next 70+ years alive needs to be clearly marked in your life's planner. But quite frankly, these questions are stupid. And, like, super annoying.  Petition to make these question illegal, because we are only very young still and have an entire lifetime ahead of us! I just want to enjoy today without stressing over my lack of life planning. 

Although the uncertainty about what to do next is terrifying, I think we all just need to chill, ignore these questions, stick our chins up and enjoy year 12. And try to beat procrastination with a hammer because when we do decide what we want to do, having the ability to focus is an important skill to possess. If anyone has any tips on keeping focused (and motivated), you're quite welcome to share.

By the way, I dyed my hair and feel freaking good about it.

Here's to the School of Hard Knocks. 
xo Lizzy

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